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Punjabi is one of the most spoken language in Indian sub continent, Punjabi speakers are also present in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, nearly 88 million people speak this language worldwide. It is written in two different scripts; Shahmukhi by the predominantly Muslim Punjabi speakers in Pakistan and Gurumukhi by Sikhs and Hindus largely in India.

The subject matter of the original texts generally varies between IT, medical, finance, marketing and other fields. A single person cannot deliver you faultless translation in all the fields. 

At Translation Valley, our emphasis is always to use in-country native speakers for all our translations so Professional translators whose native language is Punjabi do our English to Punjabi translation or vice versa. They have in depth command in understanding the subject matter and solid mastering of the Punjabi language including its spelling, grammar, and cultural appropriateness. When getting your Punjabi translation done perfectly, it is important to let us know the intended audience of your document or website so that we can use the correct script for the translation. This is the way you get the best quality translation, most suitable for your audience because we understand the necessity of an impressive presentation of the translated copy.


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