marketing translation

Marketing is a crucial activity for any business, translating marketing materials implies more than literal translation. Your successful campaigns and appurtenant may have culturally specific references that can complicate the translation process. It is a must for marketing translators to understand company’s messages clearly before entering in the target market. Correct translation is the success key because translators have to make the message be understood in the new culture and also maintain the same level of impact that it had in the source language.

Marketing translation expects that you understand the customer group, the culture, the slang and dialects of the local market. An incompetently translated marketing message can harm your brand and can have disastrous consequences on your bottom line. It will be a nightmare for a marketing professional to have his materials, ad campaign or corporate message be inaccurately translated resulting in sales opportunities debacle.

You may find many local and outsourced translation service providers; it is hard to find a company that is proficient in both, marketing as well as in translation. We at Translation Valley, work with our clients to acclimatize their message in order to address a particular market segment. Our team consists of certified language and marketing translators, proof readers, quality managers and project managers. Our language professionals have sound knowledge of the local culture, customs and dialect variations which ensure that each translation is both accurate and consistent.


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